+ Multiple car profile maintenance

+ Secure e-wallet and transferable of credits

+ Auto detection of supported local councils

+ Payment record and printing of receipt

+ Notification alerts from local council, location changed and expire time

+ Last parking record and capable of navigate to it

+ Secure connection

+ Multiple languages selection

Padiyo LE

+ Unlimited of account access

+ Secure connection

+ Real time payment with geolocation status

+ Account access based on area in charged

+ Issuing of compound and print out

Padiyo LC

+ Multiple user access rights management

+ Real time tracking of law enforcer location

+ Real time / pass record reports

+ Fully customizable of reports

+ Dual languages selection

Padiyo Web

+ Clear login session

+ Parking History

+ Wallet History


Top-up Value :-

+ RM30.00

+ RM50.00

+ RM80.00

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